The Next Generation in Alcohol Monitoring



TRAC sets a new standard for mobile breath alcohol monitoring through advanced technology, unrivaled ease-of-use and a “fits-in-your-pocket” discreet design.

  • Ensures court-ordered compliance
  • Works with all cellular carriers
  • Lowest cost in the industry

TRAC Features

  • Integrated mouthpiece prevents tampers
  • All-carrier cellular coverage
  • Longest battery charge in alcohol monitoring industry – 30 days!

TRAC Platform

  • Enhanced facial recognition software
  • Integrated notifications to participant
  • Accurate BrAC Readings
  • Real-time violation and achievement notifications via e-mail and/or text to multiple parties

Easy Set-Up

  • Charge TRAC device
  • Download the TRAC smartphone app on Android or iPhone
  • Enable Bluetooth and launch TRAC smartphone app
  • Turn on the device
  • Select TRAC device in app and follow prompts to take test

Customized Test Schedules

  • Setting up customized test schedules is easy through the TRAC web portal
  • Scheduled, On- Demand and Random testing options
  • Template schedules for easy new client setups

Ready to find out more? Download our free guide to TRAC